My Firefox extensions of choice

I recently installed a few more firefox plugins on my ubuntu laptop (running Firefox 1.0)

Current list:

Add Bookmark Here
Gmail Notifier
Google Pagerank Status
Bookmarks Synchronizer

I have the first 5 running for a long time and the add bookmark here and bookmarks synchronizer are two plugins I couldn’t live without.

ColorZilla looks to be pretty cool and allows the usually to easily use a color picker to chose colors from a web page. ForecastFox just embeds weather fo
recasts in the status bar of firefox. I usually have something similar running in my system tray but the firefox one looks to have additional functionalit
y. I haven’t really played with FoxyTunes, hopefully it plays nice with xmms. Foxylicious allows me to integrate my bookmarks into Firefox.
I’ve been using the service for awhile (mind you I’ve been slack with my tagging) and its definately nice to include this stuff in Firefox. This later ext
ension may actually replace my bookmarks synchronizer as I use for most of my bookmarking nowadays.