Installed Ubuntu on Server/Laptop

A couple days ago I attended the local linux user group’s presentation on Ubuntu.

It was given by Corey Berger, a member of the Ubuntu community contributing to its documentation and laptop testing efforts.

I’ve been having a lot of problems with my Toshiba laptop as of late, it’s been spontaineously powering off or locking up. Nonetheless, I decided to upgrade from Hoary the Hedgehog to Breezy the Badger (Preview). Everything went as expected and the laptop is still running into the same problems but at least has GNOME 2.12.

Last night I decided to take the plunge and install Hoary on my previously Debian sid/unstable system. I had an unused 40 gig partition so I didn’t have to wipe my old data. Everything installed as expected. From this point on, I don’t think I’ll mess around with regular Debian. I like running quite close to the cutting edge, but I don’t particularily care to endure too much in the way of broken packages or conflicts. I’ve run Debian unstable for years and only in the last few months have I really started to have problems. On the other hand, Ubuntu is a relatively polished Debian distribution that works well (pretty much out of the box) on my laptop, desktops and servers.

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